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Record Registrations for Groupe Renault in H1 2016

Reporting "Asre Khodro", “Our market share grew across all regions, with particularly strong momentum in Europe and the Africa Middle-East India area. Buoyed by the success of a renewed range, the Renault brand grew by 16% worldwide, and Renault Samsung Motors by 25.9% in Asia. Dacia continued to grow setting a new worldwide sales record this half-year,” said Thierry Koskas, Groupe Renault Executive Committee member and Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

In Europe, the Group’s registrations continued to grow at a faster pace than the market. They rose by 14% in a market up 9.6%, i.e. 968 603 vehicles registered in H1. The Group’s market share rose to 10.6% in Europe.

The Renault brand alone recorded growth of 15.6% thanks to the renewed range with Kadjar, Espace, Talisman and New Megane. Clio 4 is the second bestselling vehicle in Europe and Captur is the leading crossover in its class in Europe. In the Electric Vehicle market, Renault’s market share reached 27%. ZOE’s sales increased by 40%.

Dacia’s registrations rose by 9%. The brand set a new sales record in the first half.

In France, the Group’s market share reached 27.4%, a gain of 0.5 points. Registrations were up 11.2% in a market up 9%. Over the first six months of the year, the Group sold 361,670 vehicles, with four of its vehicles featuring among the top 10 passenger cars and the Clio 4 leading the market.

Internationally, turbulence in Russia, Brazil and Algeria continued to weigh on local automotive markets, but the Group proved its resilience, increasing its market share in all three countries. This strength, coupled with strong momentum of the Group within markets such as India, Turkey, Argentina and Iran, allowed the Group to grow its market share in each region.

In the Africa Middle-East India region, the Group’s registrations grew by a 38.2%, with market share of 5.4%.

In India, the Kwid enjoyed further success, with 150,000 orders since its launch, lifting its market share by 2.3 points to 3.8%.

In Iran, the Group continued on its end -2015 trajectory, tripling its deliveries on the back of the gradual reopening of the market. Its market share increased by 4.2 points to 5.8%.

In North Africa, despite a 3.9 point increase in market share, registrations were down 14.7% in an Algerian market down 53.7%.

Against the backdrop of new regulations in Algeria, aimed at reducing imports, the Group demonstrated its leadership, with record market share of 41.7%, a gain of 10 points. The launch of production of the Dacia Sandero at the Oran plant, announced on June 23rd, is a new strength to expand volumes.

In the Asia-Pacific region, sales were up 12.8% in a market up 3.8%, mainly due to the good performance ofRenault Samsung Motors in South Korea, which recorded growth of 25.9%. Sales of the SM6, launched in March 2016, already total 27,200.

In China, the first half marks the start of production of Kadjar.

In the Eurasia region, the Group improved its registrations by 4% and its market share by 1.6 points to 12.9%. The good performance in Turkey, where the Group outperformed a market up 1.4% with registrations growth of 16.8%, was driven above all by Fluence which registered a growth of 39%. This performance offset the fall of the Russian market (-14%), where the Group also demonstrated resilience, with market share up 0.4 points at 7.7%.

In the Americas region, the Group’s market share increased by 0.3 points to 6.2%. In a regional market down 8.2%, its registrations fell by only 3.1%.

The Renault brand benefited fully from the reopening of the market in Argentina, with its registrations up a strong 22.2% in a market up 5.7%.

In Brazil, in an automotive market down sharply (-25.1%), the Group held up well, increasing its market share by 0.3 points to 7.3%.

The upcoming launch of the new Renault Alaskan pick-up, unveiled on June 30th in Colombia, is a new asset to position the Group in the region on this sector.


In the second half, the Group expects to continue enjoying traction from the renewal of its range, both in Europe – with the recent launches of the Talisman, New Mégane and the imminent renewal of the Scénic – and internationally – with the success of Kwid in India, the recently launched Kaptur in Russia, Kadjar in China and the SM6 in Korea.

In this context, the Group confirms its full-year objectives:

    Continued growth in global volumes;
    Strengthening of the Renault brand in Europe;
    Improvement in its positions in each of its five regions


* Total registrations at end of June ** EU (28 countries – Bulgaria & Romania) + Balkans (5 countries) + Iceland, Norway & Switzerland



Source: automotiveworld.com


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