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A Real Privatization In Iran’s Automotive Industry

Reporting "Asre Khodro", The first tender was held on March 5, 2016 without any outcome but in second tender in June, Visman Motor could meet all requirements to take over three companies (Andisheh Farda, Hoor Energy Investment and Fan Pardazan) which own Bahman Investment Company.

The previous owner of Bahman Investment Company transferred all their shares to Kowsar Financial and Credit Institute due to their own financial requirements and restrictions.

Kowasr, based on their general policies and obligation need to comply with rules of Central Bank of Iran decided to sell the Company by another tender.

The cash deposit to participate in tender was 50 million USD, Visman Motor fully complied with all terms and conditions and their offer of 550 Million USD could win.

Visman Motor plans to expand the Bahman Motor capacity to 250,000 Cars per year in 2022 by having a stronger relationship with current and new partners and focusing in real localization and manufacturing the quality cars which will make Iranian consumer happy.

Share transferring of all mentioned companies by signing of contract and fulfill of all legal requirements have been accomplishes on June 25 and now Visman Motor will run the Bahman Group.


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